Monday, February 22, 2010

Warped Tour (Quicksand, L7, Sublime, Orange 9mm) at Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (8/18/1995)

Today I received an email from my new best friend Christopher H. He stumbled across my nearly year old plea for a scan of the first Warped Tour in Asbury Park ticket stub and sent me the below image! On the night of December 31, 2010, during which time I'll be recounting the best moments of 2010, the top of my list won't include graduating from law school or my brother's wedding or a visit from all of my PDX ladies. Nope. The number one spot is reserved for this here aged piece of cardstock:

The Warped Tour at the Stone Pony took place in the parking lot before they started calling outdoor shows, "Under the Big Top at the Stone Pony," or whatever catchy marketing phrase appeared in the ads in The Aquarian Weekly. Of course, Sara went with me. I'm pretty certain that we had learned our lesson about showing up too early by then because I do not remember seeing many bands that day. I distinctly recall L7. I don't remember Sublime. Nor do I remember Orange 9mm. Or No Use for a Name. But, Quicksand. That set I remember.

The stage was set up so that the band members' backs were to the ocean. A white canopy covered the stage. As soon as Quicksand started playing, the wind picked up, the waves started hitting the shore with greater intensity, and that canopy went bonkers. Hands down, one of the finest backdrops ever. Of course, the band still played a better set than Mother Nature.

I suppose this is where I should comment about how that first Warped Tour was so exciting and fresh-faced and then compare it to the major clothing marketing device it has since become. You know, like how that first season of the Real World with Norm and Kevin and Eric and Heather B. and Julie and Andre and the red-headed-woman-who-looked-like-Suzanne-Vega-and-had-the-affair-with-the-producer-but-no-one-can-remember-her-name was so awesome because the audience, as well as the "characters," didn't know what to expect?

Yep, just like that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Help! Need ticket stub from August 1995 Warped Tour in Asbury Park, NJ

Do you have one? If so, please scan it and send it to praiseseitan at gmail dot com. Merci.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lollapalooza (Sonic Youth) at Randall's Island, NYC (7/28/1995)

I started listening to Sonic Youth when I was 13, the year Goo was released. I spent a lot of time painting in the basement that summer to a soundtrack of Sonic Youth and Jimi Hendrix. This show marked the first of a gazillion times I would see Sonic Youth. Back then, I thought Kim was the bee's knees. I'm now, and will forever be, all about Lee.

Wikipedia told me that the following bands played Lollapalooza that day: Sonic Youth, Hole, Cypress Hill, Pavement, Elastica, Beck, The Jesus Lizard, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the main stage. Of all the bands listed on the side stage, I can only confirm that the Dambuilders played. As for who I remember seeing that day, it's a pathetically small list: Sonic Youth, Hole, Cypress Hill, and Beck, who was pelted by fistfulls of muddy grass. (Although I didn't participate in this assault on the poor guy, it would take me about three or four more years to learn to appreciate his genius.)

Live at Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA (7/22/1995)

I loved that "placenta falls to the floor" song and you did, too. This show marked the first time I drove to Philly. To this day, I still get really excited by all of the lights on Boathouse Row. (This show also marks the first of many times I have skipped a women's restroom line by using the men's loo.)

Phish at Waterloo Field, Stanhope, NJ (6/23/1995)

I'm pretty sure this is the last time I saw Phish. I'm also pretty sure that this is the concert when a kid fell out of a Jeep and was killed, which explains why I remember the traffic being so terrible that day.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Orange 9mm at Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (5/5/1995)

I remember that we got to the show waaaaaay too early. After waiting an eternity, Orange 9mm played. Eventually, Ned's Atomic Dustbin came on, and it felt like we already had been at the club for two days. I can't recall if we got to hear the big radio hit or not before Jarad demanded that we leave. (Thanks for letting me drag you there in the first place!)

God Fodder is still one of my all time top albums. It's one of the rare albums that I will still listen to from start to finish without skipping any tracks. An ex-boyfriend told me that the bassist works at the Parkside Lounge. Or, maybe I'm confused and he meant the guy from Jesus Jones. Anyway, some British ex-pat works at a bar in Manhattan.

Blues Traveler at State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ (05/01/1995)

God Street Wine probably opened. Sara probably went with me. (Later in 1995, I went to see Sonic Youth play at Roseland. Before we boarded the bus, we had to go pick up a friend from a house off campus. While there, another friend handed me the God Street Wine CDs I had lent him a few weeks earlier. I packed them in my backpack and off we went. After arriving at the Roseland, I checked my bag, which now included t-shirts that friends had just bought, in addition to a few Sony Walkmans and mixed tapes. After the show ended, the coat check workers were unable to present my bag. Roseland eventually paid me about $250 for everything that I lost. I swore after that day never to return, even if the Pixies were to reunite and play there. When the Pixies announced they would be touring again in 2004, I thought I would have to eat my words. Luckily, they played the Hammerstein. And that's the story of how I lost every God Street Wine CD I ever owned.)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Phish at Madison Square Garden, NYC (12/30/1994)

Yep, twice in one year. I don't know what to say. So, I'll tell you about NJ Transit. Maybe it's still true today, but in the mid-90s, after an event at Madison Square Garden, I almost never had to pay for my ride. Too many people, too few conductors willing to push through the masses of (smelly) people in the aisles.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Jim Rose Circus Sideshow at Madison Square Garden, NYC (12/9/1994)

We got in line at the local Foodtown's TicketMaster booth super early the day tickets went on sale. There may have been wrist bands involved, and that might explain why we almost didn't get tickets (as I'm sure we forgot to check if wrist bands were given out in advance). The show sold out quickly but not before the dozen or so groups of people in front of us got their tickets and left the line happy. When we got up to the booth, the agent told us there were no tickets left. After standing around dumbstruck for a minute or so, she said she had some seats after all. Sara and I got seats together, and Mikki got a few tickets (one which was earmarked for her dad). Poor Mikki loved Mr. Manson so much that she was willing to go with her dad if that was the only way she could see the show. The night of the show, we found Mikki and her dad to say hello, but left soon after realizing things were tense between them after her dad experienced the Jim Rose Circus for the first and, I bet, last time.

Helmet, Quicksand, Orange 9mm at Livingston College Gym, Piscataway, NJ (11/10/1994)

All the hippie shows aside, I was devoted to Quicksand. I guess this is when Manic Compression came out. We missed Orange 9mm (who I would see open for Ned's Atomic Dustbin the following year(!)) and had to leave during Helmet's set because Sara had a curfew. There is nothing especially memorable about this show besides this being the first time I saw Quicksand play. (Walter just recently played a show at a bar in my neighborhood. I went to see Quasi and Marnie Stern instead. Please note: I missed Marnie Stern because I showed up late. In my defense, she went on way too early.)